"Learn to create, create to learn."

Who I am:

Bilingual educator turned software developer. Book lover, passionate about technology, obsessed with learning new things, hard worker, and avid photographer.

How I got here:

I’ve seen how wonderful a new educational app can be to a student struggling to learn how to read. As a teacher I enjoyed learning about new apps and figuring out how to best implement them in the classroom. I began wishing I could build my own. After teaching in the classroom for 8 years I began looking into ways I could pursue a career in technology. This led me to sign up for several online sites like Code Academy, freeCodeCamp, and Team Tree House.

I enjoy designing from scratch and creating something unique. The most satisfaction I get from programing is taking the time to figure out the solution to a problem, no matter how big or small it is. It's fun when you have the 'aha' moment.


I studied at DigitalCrafts. DigitalCrafts is a 16 week immersive bootcamp where students get hands on experience building web apps with instruction from a senior developer. The schedule is full time Monday through Friday 9-5. We definitely packed in the learning with lectures in the morning and time to practice in the afternoon.


What I am Learning:

Poetic Play is an educational web app created to inspire writing and sharing poems.

Technologies: Node.js | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | jQuery | Postgres | Handlebars | Materialize



An educational web app for practicing the hexidecimal colors.

Technologies: HTML | CSS | jQuery | JavaScript | Bootstrap




A web app for Houston foodies created by Houston foodies.

HTML | CSS | SASS | JavaScript | jQuery | Postgres | Node.js | Materialize



Blackjack game built with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.



I would love to hear from you!

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